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Those who have reset their Blackberry 10 phones recently must have noticed that it is impossible to complete the Initial Setup when the OS loads. Some users can minimize and close the setup uncompleted, some cannot even get out of the setup, but in both cases it is not possible to pass the WiFi setup stage, and this way, the phone may be unusable or will lack important functions, like being able to sideload native apps. Don’t worry, this annoying error has a solution!

Here is what you need to do. Check the Youtube video at the bottom of this article, it may help you, too, to go through the steps easier:

  1. First start the Initial Setup yourself. When you reach the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page, connect to a network. After that there are two scenarios: if it is possible to close the Initial Setup on your phone uncompleted, minimize and close it (swipe up & close), wait for the notification to arrive to your phone requesting to complete the Initial Setup, open the Initial Setup from the notification, and proceed to step 2. If it is not possible to close the Initial Setup uncompleted on your phone, just go on to step 2 right away after trying to connect to a WiFi network.
  2. Go to the ‘Connect to a Mobile Network’ page and press the power button of the phone three times in quick succession. The Screen Reader will show up. It may take some time until it shows up, even 10 minutes. If it doesn’t appear, try pressing the power button three times again.
  3. When the Screen Reader appears, double tap the screen with two fingers. The Screen Reader will activate.
  4. While still on the ‘Connect to a Mobile Network’ page, tap the ‘Skip’ button once and then twice. You’ll be taken to the next page.
  5. On the next page (‘Connecting to WiFi’) don’t do anything just wait patiently until the reader starts telling about BBID. Then, be prepared, and when you hear it saying ‘Skip’, double tap the screen immediately under the page title text: ‘Connecting to WiFi’.
  6. A pop-up will appear asking whether to skip the BBID. Press the ‘Skip’ button once and then twice.It may happen, that on the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page, the reader doesn’t read out anything even if you wait for a long time, just stays silent. In that case check the ‘Troubleshooting’ at the bottom of this guide below the video.
  7. On the next page (‘BBID’), press the power button of the phone three times quickly, to switch the Screen Reader off. Then tap ‘Skip’.
  8. The following 3 steps (8-10) may need to be repeated depending on your phone and location. Even the procedure may vary a bit. But the essence is: you need to reach the ‘Software Update’ screen. Sometimes it loads right away, and you can skip the following steps and go directly to step 12. If not, the ‘Unable to connect’ page should be visible. Tap the ‘Settings’ button.
  9. The ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page will appear. Select a WiFi network, add the password and press ‘Connect’.
  10. After trying to connect, the options to select a WiFi network will reappear. Don’t select a network again, just press the ‘Next’ button. Now this is the point where the ‘Regional Update’ page should appear. If it doesn’t appear, or it does, but after a while you are redirected back to the ‘Unable to connect’ page, start again from step 8 repeating the process described. You may need to repeat the steps 8-10 a few times, but in the end, the ‘Regional Update’ screen will appear and stay permanently.
  11. After loading for a while, the ‘Next’ button will appear on the ‘Regional Update’ page. Tap it immediately, and you will be taken to the next step: ‘Software Update’.
  12. On the ‘Software Update’ page you need to wait a lot. But after a while a text will appear on it, informing you about that Blackberry services are unavailable. Don’t press any buttons on that page, just swipe the sceen left.
  13. On the next page (‘Automatic Updates’) click ‘OK’.
  14. Finally the ‘Setup is Complete’ message will appear. Swipe the screen up, and you are done. Congrats, you have just finished the initial setup!

After going through these steps, you will be able to use your phone as usual, but some functions and apps will be unavailable. This is because Blackberry ended its legacy services on January 4, 2022 (EOL). But this affects only a few minor things, that will not restrict you from using your phone like before.


If you cannot make the screen reader tell about BBID on the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page, try the following methods, they worked for some users:

1. Close the screen reader if still on (press the power button three times), go back to the ‘Connect to a Mobile Network’ page, go forward to the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page again, and start the screen reader on that page instead. If you still cannot hear anything being read out, tap ONCE on the ‘Previous’ button with one finger, then start swiping the screen right, listening to what the screen reader says after every wipe, and when you hear it saying: ‘Skip button, double tap to activate’, double tap the screen with one finger. The BBID pop-up should appear.

2. You may try the method of our visitor, Vladimir, who successfully solved this problem on his device. For that, visit this post at Reddit, and comment about your problem: Very likely, they will offer you an autoloader. USE THAT ONE to wipe and reset your device (to learn how to use an autoloader, visit this page: ). When you are done, check this post, and follow the guide of Vladimir to reach the BBID popup: Once you manage to reach the BBID popup by his method, you can can come back and continue following my tutorial from that point.

Thanks to Ben xfg at Crackberry and TrumpetTiger at Reddit BlackberryPhoenix for making this solution available!

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