Simak 10+ cara membuat layang layang dalam bahasa inggris sempurna

Pada artikel ini kami akan menjelaskan cara membuat layang layang dalam bahasa inggris Kalau kamu juga tertarik, pada artikel ini Nha Xinh akan menjelaskan tutorialnya untuk kamu.

Video cara membuat layang layang dalam bahasa inggris

apakah bahasa inggrisnya ayo bermain layang layang

1. apakah bahasa inggrisnya ayo bermain layang layang

let’s play kite……….ayo bermain layang-layang = let’s fly a kite

2. bahasa inggris nya layang layang?

bahasa inggris nya layang layang adalah kitesemoga bermanfaatBahasa inggrisnya layang layang adalah kite

3. cara membuat layang layang dalam bahasa inggris​


How to make a kite


How to make a kite : cara membuat layang layang. tapi kamu itu harus teliti ngasih pertanyaan kita bingung maksudnya cara atau bahasa inggris kata tersebut.


Tools and Materials to Make a Kite:



-Large plastic bag





How to Make a Kite:

>Prepare a large plastic bag. A gardening bag or a large garbage bag is a good one. Ordinary plastic bags will be less suitable for your kite and not large enough to be able to fly your kite high enough.

>Place a plastic bag on a flat surface. You will need a flat, clean surface to ensure the kite is made as straight as possible.

>Start the job from the bottom fold. Draw half of the kite. Folds 29 cm long. The underline is 27 cm long and ends 3.75 cm higher than the starting point. The upper line connects from the upper side of the fold to the end of the lower line.

>This one line drawing will be referred to as a folding line. Then give the wings as wide as 5 cm which starts 6.35 cm from the starting point of the upper line and continues to the bottom.

>Your two current edges will be small four sides instead of dots. When opening the plastic bag, the size doubled.

>Starting near the top of the bottom crease, draw two sides of one triangle (the third aspect is the edge). When finished drawing all the points in place, turn and trace on the other side.

>Separate your paid image. This is a small triangle that will control the flight of the kite. The size is as high as 14.5 cm and 11.6 cm wide.

>Draw both lines starting at one point and connecting them with the third line. Then cut with scissors.

>Attach tape to the edge of the kite, except along the 5 cm wings.

>Stick tape on some edges of the kite just around the middle to minimize the load. Not on the wings which are 6.35 cm from the top and continue to the bottom.

>Place the skewers. Long wooden skewers for barbecued barbecues. The straightest skewer you have is centered. Cut along as needed and cut the sharp edges.


4. Bagaimana cara menerbangkan layang layang dalam bahasa inggris

Bagaimana cara menerbangkan layang layang -> How to fly a kite?How to fly a kite Semoga membantu

5. cara membuat layang-layang dalam bahasa inggris

Mungkin ini “How to make a kite”buto ijooooo………

6. cara membuat layang layang dalam bahasa inggris

HOW TO MAKE A KITETools and materials to make a kite:-Construction paper-Thread-Stick-stick or pipe cleaners or skewers-Scissors-Ruler-Color Marker or pencil-Duct tapeSteps to make a kite:Prepare one sheet of paper to make the body of the kite. If forced to does not exist, you can combine the four sheets of paper with masking tape.Use masking tape to combine two pieces of paper that make up the top, then snap also two sheets of paper that formed the bottom. Connect the two parts of it with and be sure attached tightly.Cut the four corners of the paper so that it becomes the shape of the kite. Take a look at the above picture to get an idea of its proportions.The shape of the kite takes a little longer at the bottom about 7.62 cm from the cusp. The cusp is where two corners kriri and kite was right.Tie two pieces of sticks or pipe cleaners into one tightly. Skewers of wood you can use as a stick.All types of yarn can be used to tie a taut second stick.As long as the bonds are not loose and do not use the rope (the rope is too thick). To ensure both a stick tied to a place that was fitting, align first with paper that has been cut into the shape of a kite.Cut excess yarn on their bonds.Make 4 holes in paper-shaped kite at any angle. Insert the thread through each hole and all aroundeach stick.If you want, leave a little extra at the top to insert the tape later. Tie rod in position on a kite-shaped paper.Tie the thread to the left and right sides of the sticks horizontally. Then tie the thread to the middle of the yarn into the thread to fly kites. This thread was made all that you need to fly a kite.Bond paper or tape on the corners of the kite to form the tail. You can add a bit of material on the ends of the kite so that adds to the burden and the ability to levitate. The tail also complements the appearance of your unique to make a kite im sorry

7. Bahasa Inggris dalam urutan membuat layang – layang dan bahasa Indonesia nya.


bahasa Indonesia

1.Membuat Kerangka.

2.Rekatkan Kerangka.

3.Hubungkan Semua Ujung Kerangka.

4.Membuat Rancangan Alas Layang-Layang.

5.Potong Alas yang Telah Dibuat.

6.Rekatkan Alas dengan Kerangka.

7.Memasang Benang Layang-Layang.

8.Buat Ekor Layang-Layang.

9.hias layang layang

10.uji coba layang layang

bahasa Inggris

1. Create the Outline.

2. Glue the Framework.

3. Connect all the ends of the skeleton.

4. Make a Kite Base Design.

5. Cut the base that has been made.

6.Glue the Base with the Framework.

7. Installing the Kite Yarn.

8.Create the Tail of the Kite.

9. decorate kites

10. kite test


semoga bermanfaat

8. apa bahasa inggris dari tidur siang dan layang-layang​


tidur siang adalah siesta

layang layang adalah kite


semoga bermanfaat:)

9. apa bahasa inggris layang-layang?

Kite….#Trimakasih..layang-layang bahasa inggrisnya kite.

10. bahasa inggris layang layang

layang- layang : kite layang-layang bahasa inggris nya “kite”

11. bahasa inggrisnya andi memiliki sebuah layang layang

andi have a kite’……..Andi memiliki sebuah layang – layang. “Andi has a kite”

12. Cara bermain layang layang dengan bahasa inggris dan Indonesia

Jawaban: How To Play Kite


13. prosedur menerbangkan layang-layang dalam bahasa inggris

first order your friend to stay away from you by bringing the kitethen when the string is tense order your friend to take off itafter that as hard as you can pull the stringnow you have to control it not to fall and keep “ulur” the string

14. apa bahasa inggrisnya dia laki laki sedang menerbangkan layang layang

He is flying a kite semoga membantuJawabannya ” he fly a kite” Maaf ya kalau salah Semoga membantu

15. apa bahasa Inggris nya saya sedang membuat layang-layang sekarang


I’m making a kite now.

Translate :

-Saya sedang membuat layang layang sekarang.

-Sekarang saya sedang menbuat layang layang.

Semoga membantu:)

16. kamu biasanya tidak membuat sebuah layang-layang di lapanganterjemahkan ke bahasa inggris

you usually dont make a kite at a fieldyou usually do not make kites in the fieled

17. cara membuat layang layang dalam bahasa inggris

How to Make/create a kateHow to make a kiteMaterials Needed :- A2 paper- string (thick) – pipe cleaners / sticks- scissors- colored pencils (optional)- tape (optional)Steps :1. Get a piece of paper (any colour) and cut a diamond shape from it. Sometimes it is better if you tape four pieces together. But you have to tape them together the right way. Tape two together ,then tape together the other two. Tape them on each other2. To cut diamond shape on the paper (if you are not taping four sheets together) cut the 4 corners off. It should be in the shape of a square. The paper horizontally3. Repeat step 2 but this time lay it across the paper vertically 4. Tie the two sticks or pipe cleaners together. Make it as tight as possible5. Pierce 2 holes in the diamond shaped paper. On the inside corner where the two sticks cross, thread a thick string6. Using the other end of the thick string, do the same. Then tie the string when both of the ends of the string are threaded through7. Tie a long and strong string into the sticks or pipe cleaners to form the tail. You can add small strips of paper to the end of this tail string for added buoyancy and weightingIt also looks more complete8. Color the kite if you want9. Find a breeze or some light wind, have someone to help you hold your kite as you wait for wind to come10. Have fun flying your kite

18. apa bahasa inggrisnya layang-layang​

bahasa Inggris layang – layang adalah KITE



bahasa ingris dari layang layang adalah kite

19. bahasa inggris nya bermain layang layang

bermain layang- layang: playing kite bahasa inggrisnya:bermain layang-layang : play a kite(maaf kalau salah)

20. cara – cara membuat layang-layang dalam bahasa inggris

1. Get a piece of paper to form the body of your kite.2. To cut a diamond shape on the paper, simply cut the 4 corners off.3. Tie two sticks together. To make sure they’re in the right spot, line them up with your paper first.4. Pierce 4 holes in the diamond-shaped paper at each corner. Thread a string through each hole and around each pipe cleaner or stick. Leave a bit extra on the top to thread a ribbon on, if desired later. Knot the stick in place to the kite itself.5. Tie a string to the right and left hand sides of the horizontal stick.6. Tie on paper or ribbon to the corners to form the tail.7. Find a breeze or some light wind.8. Fly your kite.Materials : 2 bamboo Blale, glue, oil paper, yarn, knife, small wighing – mechanice, scissors and rulerSteps : 1. Firs measure and Cut of ini forum length bamboo, last whittled to use knife 2. Afterwards weighing to use small weigh – machine until same Weight 3. Then make attributed to beat framework yarn 4. Next paste up oil paper use glue framework 5. Last await run dri the glue , so than the kita Ready to controled the flight of Maaf Kalok salah hanya sekedar membantu teman BY : sabrina Gnt

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