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Hello, yanghwadaegyo here. I am a new writer in Let’s Get Rich Knowledgebase; I will be writing LGR content of my own here different to Lulu’s. As you are usually seeing meta-strategy and character review posts from her, my posts will be more about deck construction and listings just like this first post I’ll get to in a bit.

In the current (truthfully not just now) state of Let’s Get Rich, landmarks are a vital part of every match. It is an upper hand to have more landmarks than your opponent. For that to be possible one must have a good and reliable landmark pendant.

Most would go for a landmark pendant with a high rate, or one that would create more landmarks in a shorter amount of turns. With that being said we come to a meta shaped by Red Monster, Hi-Tech Drawing Equipment, and Winner Drawing Equipment, as well as Rocket Drawing Equipment due to the sheer number of cards with abilities that are enabled by landing on their own areas.

But if you don’t have these, there are other landmark pendants that are very much worth using as well. In this post I will share my picks, why I think they are worthy, and how you can use them.

Remote Construction Drone

– When constructing a landmark on the start block, 60% chance to lock that landmark’s toll fee multipliers and construct a random extra landmark (priority: my area -> my teammate’s area -> vacant area).

This in my opinion, is one of the most underrated if not possibly the most underrated landmark pendant in all of LGR. With Fake Drawing Equipment of all sorts gaining in popularity, multiplier lock becomes a real game changer when implemented in the right deck. Remote Construction Drone provides this much-needed multiplier lock without having to move to an opponent’s area (Sealed Fake Blueprint / Flying Boat Blueprint), with a bonus of extra landmarks to keep your flow of the match in check.

I personally found this pendant to be very fun and effective paired with Red Monster and Blackhole Core. This three-pendant combo takes up most of your slots, but is very effective paired with a card that already has a movement and offense ability. My best recommendation to pair this combo is with Riko, as she already has great mobility and defense, giving her nothing to lose from taking away three slots. Her stop sign ability can be used to guarantee her arrival on the right areas and control her opponent’s movements; Blackhole Core can be used to block choke points and give her easy access to her own lands while safely dodging opponent blackholes.

Billionaire’s Drawing Equipment

When constructing 3 buildings, 35% chance to move to start / When passing or landing on start, 85% chance to increase one of my areas’ toll fee by x4 randomly

This pendant on paper is nothing particularly special as it is just a regular Drawing Equipment, but paired with right card this pendant is a very aggressive landmark pendant which can throw off your opponent completely if they do not have a sort of defense on hand.

The powerful 4x toll fee buff compliments most bankrupt cards. While it is counter-able by Fake Drawing Equipment, when not faced against it, there is nothing that can really stop it. I personally find this pendant to be at its strongest with Superstar Lenna, as her concert ability lets her ignore opponent abilities and pendants, including Fake Drawing Equipment and other defensive abilities, making the full impact of the toll fee buff visible – not forgetting that Lenna’s concerts also adds a x3 toll fee buff every host.

If you are following my recommended UA list, please do no be concerned of the placement of the UAs.

My take for this Lenna deck would be a dice control pendant of your choice, Billionaire’s Drawing Equipment, Blackhole Core, and Crystal Magnetic Core. Blackhole Core allows you to safely escape any trap or obstacle, while Crystal Magnetic Core acts as your main form of attack and adds an additional toll fee buff to further stack the stream of buffs. Unfortunately, none of the accounts I handle have a Billionaire’s Drawing Equipment for me to try this out, but I highly recommend you try out this deck if you can assemble it!

Adventurer’s Drawing Equipment

When constructing a building, 33% chance to increase the number of buildings by 1 (+3% when not activated, reset growth when activated) / When constructing, 75% chance to obtain 1 odd/even item (does not add if your odd/even stock is full)

This pendant, much like Billionaire’s Drawing Equipment, seems very mediocre on paper. I’d like to think most players who come across this pendant do not bother reading its full description. I personally think this pendant has one of the best secondary abilities out of all landmark pendants, that is a very large chance of giving you an odd/even item whenever you construct, regardless of whether or not the + 1 building ability takes effect.

Paired with Dragon Helmet, which gives you a massive 62% increased rate of dice control when rolling with odd/evens, this pendant’s odd/even item bonus gives you very likely perfect rolls so as long as most of your rolls end in a construction. However, Dragon Helmet isn’t mandatory to feel the impact of the odd/even bonus.

This deck looks very “random”, to say the least. This is a deck my friend has constructed specifically for Space Map. The gameplan is to use Ninja Helmet to teleport to owned areas more easily, to activate Awaken Vera’s 6-block movement ability, Adventurer’s Drawing Equipment to help land accurate rolls especially in Space Map where dice control is especially crucial for dodging blackholes, Black Devil’s Air Balloon (can be replaced with Gravity Amplifier) to pack a powerful uncounter-able x4 toll fee buff, and Hell Guidebook to compliment Awaken Vera’s movement ability as well as act as the main form of attack. I have played this deck on Space Map to be met with a lovely 30-winstreak.

Heaven Drawing Equipment

When constructing, 80% chance to upgrade the building to a landmark instantly (up to 2 times) / After acquiring an opponent’s area, 45% chance to move to your selected area in the same line.

It’s surprising as to how this pendant is not discussed more often. I find this pendant to be very good paired with bankrupt cards that don’t need a lot of landmarks to function, and don’t already have a landmark ability, such as Frey, and Black Wolf Remus, as it gives them very early landmark control, letting them attack with their innate abilities much faster.

With Black Wolf Remus, the gameplan is quite linear – Titan Gauntlet to create blackholes and detain opponents for crowd control, Nirvana Doll / Pirate Bear to compliment his innate x4 toll fee buff, and a defense pendant of your choice to give you a second chance in case of a dire situation.

With Frey, the gameplan is similar, with the exception of a dice control pendant of you choice in place of a blackhole pendant as Frey does not come with an innate dice control ability.

Valhalla’s Drawing Equipment

When constructing a building, 35% chance to increase the number of buildings by 1 / After constructing a landmark, 45% chance to roll the dice again (no extra rolls from rolling a double).

Valhalla seems mediocre, and is actually mediocre. However, it comes with an impressive 45% chance to roll-again-after-landmark. While this is indeed outclassed by Ra Helmet’s 47%, this pendant can be synergized with Ninja Helmet’s secondary teleportation ability.

This is indeed a novelty deck, but I figured it would be fun to showcase it in Water City. I chose to use Electromagnetic Field Generator simply because of its toll fee buff, and line range,but you can use any magnet pendant you’d like in its place. I chose to use Black Devil Air Balloon to get x80 as fast as possible, but you can use any toll-buffing pendant you’d like instead.

Conqueror’s Drawing Equipment

When constructing a building, 36% chance upgrade it to a landmark instant and randomly acquire an opponent’s area in the same line (+10% when not activated, reset growth when activated)

This pendant is extremely underrated for the potential that it has. A very high rate due to the massive +10% growth rate, instant landmarks from just buying flags, as well as instant acquiry, making it not only consistent in creating landmarks but also helpful in slowing down opponents that try to win by completion.

This pendant fits seamlessly into many decks, but fits the best when used in a deck with Dragon Helmet, which gives you a chance of moving to your desired area in the same line after acquiring an opponent’s area.

In this deck, the gameplan is quite linear – Conqueror’s Drawing Equipment acts as the landmark maker and completion blocker, Titan’s Gauntlet to spawn consistent bubble traps when I call opponents using Nadia’s first ability. This can be replaced with Black Devil Air Balloon / Gravity Amplifier if you feel a multiplier buffer would be more impactful than a bubble trap. Pirate King Bear to stack more toll fee buffs over Nadia’s buffs from her shadows. You can replace this with Nirvana Doll to be able to control your opponent’s movement and positioning, at the cost of having to own at least 4 areas across the map beforehand. I specifically constructed this deck for Arena Map as the special blocks in Arena Map compliment the mobility focus of this deck.

End of Post

Thank you very much for reading my very first post in Let’s Get Rich Knowledgebase! I am very excited to provide even more content for you in the future. Please be welcome to share feedback as well as suggestions of what decks you’d like me to play and analyze, or ask me recommendations of what deck you should build.

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